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The Unexpected Consequences 
of Motherhood


Motherhood changes everything. If you don’t agree, you’re doing it wrong (just kidding, or am I?). Here are a few thoughts I’d share with my daughter if she were old enough to understand.

I’ve turned into a bit of a stalker and I regularly watch you sleep.

Unlike a dog, I sniff your butt not to be friendly, but to determine if your diaper needs changing.

Though I love hanging out with you, I have never derived so much joy from seeing another person take a nap (because you’re exhausting).

I used to live an extremely healthy existence where my lifestyle had names like vegan, vegetarian and Paleo. Now I’m a scavenger who mostly subsists on your leftover toddler scraps.

While I previously needed a minimum of half an hour to get ready, I can now shower and be dressed in about 5 minutes. Getting you ready is another story.

I now pick my battles wisely. If you don’t want to wear socks or wear mixing bowl on your head, fine with me. I’ll save my energy for making you brush your teeth.

I live in constant fear that because of choices I’ve made, you won’t get into a good school. Or worse, you won’t be a kind and caring person.

I also live in constant fear because you are very uncoordinated, yet also recklessly confident.

I now have to plan dates with your father at least a week in advance because schedules need to be rearranged and babysitters procured.

I’ve drank more coffee since I’ve known you than I had in all my previous years of life combined.

I spent my entire life learning not to care what other people think of me, but I want to you view me as a positive role model and someday validate that you think I did a good job raising you.

Even though it feels like you’re the center of my Universe, I have to remember not to lose myself.

I don’t always like you, but I’ll always love you.

I secretly hope that one day you’ll have kids so I can help you as much as your grandmother has helped me. Motherhood is truly a precious gift. No pressure, though!

P.S. I hope this doesn’t embarrass you too much when you’re old enough to Google!

Love, Mom

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